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Tune Ultra

The Equilibrium TUNE series of speaker cables was created with budget stereo systems in mind. Following the "first of all, do no harm" principle, we have developed three SCA (Solid Core Array) designs.


Even the purest copper, in the form of a string made of many thin non-insulated wires, does not ensure an undisturbed signal transfer. Hence, we turned to simple solutions that guarantee good sonic effects. The type of solid core conductor is nothing more than a wire, usually round in cross-section. The wire should have a diameter appropriate for transmitting acoustic frequencies, and, at least in our opinion, should be round - “round” is simple, “round” is the best”. To perform well, even in a budget design, the wire should be paired with a dielectric of an appropriate quality and stability, with the geometry maintained along its entire length, engineered to form a speaker cable. Connectors are also crucial. Paying attention to this part of the design, we equipped the TUNE cables with audiophile-quality banana connectors made of silver-plated beryllium copper.


TUNE cables have been developed as braids of separately insulated solid core wires. Each of the models contains of a different collection of diameters, with the number of wires closely related to the conductor's cross-section - and thus its intended use. The Light model is dedicated for the connection of small monitor speakers or floorstanders as well as speakers working in home theatre systems

Dual Twist SCA (Solid Core Array)
Type of conductors
Solid Core, 3 rozmiary,8 conductors
Material of conductors
Conductor isolation
Transparentny HDPE
4,9 mm2
Silver-plated non-magnetic BFA XS Beryllium Copper bananas
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