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PURE G2 Supreme

The Equilibrium PURE G2 series of speaker cables was created with audiophile stereo systems in mind. With materials that ensure exceptional sound, we have developed three SCA (Solid Core Array) structures.


The Equilibrium PURE G2 speaker cables offer a balanced sound, with a precisely defined bass base, a smooth midrange, and a physiologically fitted treble into the rest of the acoustic spectrum. Using in the construction of these cables connectors covered with two galvanic coatings - silver and gold - we balanced the sound effect, creating a compromise balance between what is detailed and what is musical.


The differences between the individual models of the PURE G2 series boil down to the subjectively perceived dynamic range - the PURE G2 Supreme model is dedicated to larger two-way, two-and-half-way and smaller three-way speakers, playing in medium-sized rooms; the perfect choice for audiophile MTMs or not too large, three-way floorstanders working with 7 - 8 inch bass speakers.

Dual Twist QSCA (Quadra Solid Core Array)
Type of conductors
Solid Core, 2 rozmiary,8 conductors
Material of conductors
Conductor isolation
Transparentny HDPE
7,3 mm2
Non-magnetic BFA XS Beryllium Copper bananas or Pure Copper spades – silver plated and then gold-plated
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