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PURE IC ultra

The Equilibrium PURE IC series of interconnect cables was created with audiophile stereo systems in mind. With the propriety technologies developed for the best sound, we created three designs based on Signal Turbine conductors.


Equilibrium PURE IC interconnect cables offer a sound that is balanced and physiological across the entire sound spectrum, ensuring undisturbed signal transfer. The differences among the individual models of the PURE IC series come down to the subjectively perceived tonal balance. The Ultra model that opens the PURE IC series is a universal cable, slightly emphasising the balanced and detailed nature of the midrange; it is dedicated for systems that lack a bit in the midrange saturation

Triple Twist
rodzaj przewodników
Signal Turbine G2, type X
materiał przewodników
izolacja przewodników
wersja RCA – pozłacane wtyki miedziane, antywibracyjne tworzywo POM, minimalna ilość metali wersja XLR – pozłacane wtyki Neutrik
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