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DCF design

diffraction control front plate 


fabric ring radiotor, neodymium motor system


Advanced TeXtreme® cone,

neodymium motor system

bass driver

long-stroke bass with serrated paper membrane geometry, double magnet motor system

konstrukcja sekcji basowej

dACE –

dynamicznie aktywna obudowa zamknięta z dwoma 10” radiatorami pasywnymi

colorful customizable

RAL pallete

The new EVOLTA series has been built on the basis of the advanced DCF (diffraction control front plate) platform. The DCF concept comes down to the appropriate shaping of the front of the loudspeaker, with the aim of minimizing the unfavorable influence of the diffraction of sound waves in the high and mid-range ranges. The sonic effect of using DCF is the precise location of phantom images and a realistic mapping of space with a suggestive gradation of plans.


In the EVOLTA series, we have used the latest speaker technology, based on original material transducers. The bass drivers are responsible for the processing of the lowest frequencies, with ultra-rigid, grooved diaphragms and double magnetic systems, giving excellent impulse response and resolution in the lowest bandwidth. To ensure homogeneous timbre sound signatures, carbon fibers of the midrange drivers are combined with textile rings of the tweeters. Both drivers are equipped with neodymium magnetic drives, which, combined with appropriate filtration, resulted in a homogeneous sound, completely free of resonances, providing a deep insight into the musical material.


To ensure the best signal transfer, the installation of filters controlling the operation of the transducers was made in the "point to point" technique using high end components and Equilibrium internal cabling, dedicated to each type of transducer.


Three-way, dynamically active closed enclosure
10” membrana celulozowa
6” membrana CURV z korektorem fazy
głośnik wysokotonowy 1,2” radiator pierścieniowy w falowodzie Equilibrium
88 dB
WBT Pure Copper - gold plated
Nominal power
4 Ohm
420 x 320 mm x 1250mm
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