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IDEA S10 is a speaker dedicated to work in larger rooms, where it creates a sophisticated full-range and precise sound. Its design has been optimised to work with audiophile electronics - the speaker is easy to drive and the quality of components used to build the S10 is unprecedented in this product segment.


The designs of the IDEA Series use woofers with hard, paper cones, extremely resolving ceramic midrange drivers and beryllium tweeter domes. Their work is controlled by filters based on sophisticated technologies with uncompromising components in terms of quality and sound.


The IDEA Series loudspeakers generate a dynamic and clear sound that reveals the most subtle nuances of recordings with incredible clarity, resolution and realism. No distortion, no blurring of details, no understatement, no blurring of shades, colours or tones. Emphasising subtleties you have never heard before, the speakers are accurate, smooth and detailed - completely true to the source signal. With their characteristic transparency, exceptional resolution and outstandingly natural sound, they create a space filled with structures and depth of the musical message

three-way closed design
SB Acoustics 10 inches, paper cone
ACCUTON 6 inches, ceramic cone, advanced magnetic design
SB Acoustics 1.2 inch, beryllium dome
85 dB
WBT Pure Copper - gold plated
Nominal power
Recommended amplifier power
4 Ohm
cabinet with 5 degree angle, 1050x340x210mm (height, width, depth without the base)
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