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The design of the Equilibrium Signal Turbine Concept Cable (STCC) was developed for an undisturbed transfer of the audio signal. The conductor geometry and material technology have evolved over the years in line with the experience we gained and is today the third generation of the original design. Products based on the STCC G3 design form the basis of our range of speaker cables.


Equilibrium STCC G3 cables offer a balanced sound, with an energetic and precisely defined bass, a colourful and detailed midrange and an extensive and colourful top of the acoustic spectrum. Depending on the model, we used beryllium copper or pure copper connectors, plated with rhodium or gold. In the case of more advanced cables, we use an innovative electrostatic and mechanical stabilisation system, Star Dust Compound.


The perception of the sound effect depends on many factors, including the individual elements of the audio path, the weather outside the window, the listener's mood and expectations. We recommend our customers should try out various models before making their choice.


The differences between the individual Equilibrium STCC G3 models come down to the subjectively perceived dynamic range, tonal balance, the level of transparency and musicality. In every case, you should make your arbitrary choice when after testing products in your own system - there is a wide range of models to choose from.

Tripple Twist STCC G3 (Signal Turbine Concept Cable)
Type of conductors
Signal Turbine G3, Seria S, 6 conductors
Material of conductors
Conductor isolation
9,4 mm2
Electrostatic and mechanical stabilisation
Star Dust Compound
niemagnetyczne banany BFA XS Berylium Copper lub widły Pure Copper - rodowane
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