Hedonia DB12 is a loudspeaker dedicated to work in the largest rooms, filling them with refined and precise sound. It is our flagship design containing the best components and the state-of-the-art technologies that we have perfected over the past 20 years.


HEDONIA DB12 uses hard, paper cones of woofers equipped with advanced magnetic systems, an extremely resolving ceramic midrange driver and a beryllium tweeter. Their work is controlled by filters based on sophisticated technologies with uncompromising components in terms of both quality and sound, such as: Duelund copper capacitors, wax-impregnated Jantzen Audio tape inductors or Mundorf oil-immersed capacitors.


HEDONIA DB12 has the potential to present music in a way you have never experienced before, grasping its heart, unveiling its soul, giving a sense of lifelike contact with the performers and the world of their emotions. They are capable of generating a powerful, authoritative and fully defined sound, so that you can feel that you are participating in a real musical event. Their transparency provides the potential to unfold a wealth of shades, unlimited colours and depth, easily focusing our perception on the musical communication, evoking a true and unforgettable experience.

three-way closed design
2x SB Acoustics12 inches, paper cone
ACCUTON 6 6 inches, ceramic cone
SB Acoustics 1.2 inch, beryllium dome
88 dB
WBT Pure Copper - gold plated
Nominal power
Recommended amplifier power
4 Ohm
cabinet with 5 degree angle, 1570x400x240mm (height, width, depth without the base)