I - M P E R I A

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Eltheria DB8 is a loudspeaker dedicated to work in larger rooms with difficult acoustics, where it generates a full-range and precise sound. The design of the Eltheria DB8 has been optimised for use with audiophile electronics - the speaker is easy to drive and the quality of components used to build the DB8 is unprecedented in this product segment.


The Eltheria DB8 uses woofers equipped with ultra-hard cones made of fortified mineral polypropylene (MFPP), a midrange speaker with a paper cone and a beryllium tweeter dome. Their work is controlled by filters featuring sophisticated components, all under the motto "there are no better ones, there are different ones".  


The DB8 speakers are characterised by an energetic sound that is much larger than their size would suggest. They present a pure and open sound, friendly and expressive, giving a sense of naturalness and articulation faithful to the source signal. They combine delicacy and subtlety with attack and dynamics that fascinate and seduce regardless of the genre of music we play.

three-way closed design
2xSB Acoustics 8 inches, MFPP cone, dual magnetic design
SB Acoustics 6 inches, paper cone, advanced magnetic design
SB Acoustics 1.2 inch, beryllium dome
88 dB
WBT Pure Copper - gold plated
Nominal power
Recommended amplifier power
4 Ohm
cabinet with 5 degree angle, 1250x320x210mm (height, width, depth without the base)